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The Lotus Eaters aldora89. Summary: Stranded on the planet Sigma Nox while searching for a missing away team, Spock and Kirk find themselves pitted against a disturbing native life form. With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough – but when a slim ...

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Oct 30, 2014 · The lotos of eaters summary in Tamil/Alfred lord Tennyson is the author/ கிரேக்க கதைகள் - Duration: 6:04. Translating Channel English into Tamil 12,357 views 6:04

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"That was the lair of the Lotus Eaters. They've been luring people into their trap since ancient days. You get caught in a trance with the lotus flower that drugs your systems and time moves much faster on the outside. It also allows you to never age as long as you eat the lotus flower." The girl says. This girl reminded him so much of Hermione.

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The Lotus-Eaters. Rounding to the south, Odysseus and his men were blown off-course, towards the land of the Lotus-Eaters. While Odysseus was scouting around the land, some of his men mingled with the natives and ate the local lotus grown on the land. ... Unknown to them, this was the lair of Polyphemus the Cyclops and this land was the home of ...

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Since ancient times, the Lotus Eaters trap people in their place by giving them lotus flowers, which has the effect of making those who eat it to never want to leave again. They currently reside in the Lotus Hotel and Casino and are the guardians of one of Persephone's Pearls.

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Shaking my head, I dashed outside to see that the Lair of the Lotus Eaters had changed it's location to the place I had been when I first was imprisoned there. And the other thing I saw was the large uproar of a bloodfilled battle filled with none other than Greek and Roman demigods clashing with each other in …

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The Lotos-Eaters, poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, published in the collection Poems (1832; dated 1833). The poem is based on an episode in Book 9 of Homer’s Odyssey.. Odysseus’s sailors, returning home after the fall of Troy, are forced to land in a strange country after a strong wind propels them past the island of Cythera.The inhabitants, “the mild-eyed melancholy Lotos-eaters,” are ...

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The Lotus-Eater is a creature with origins in Greek mythology, legend and folklore. It is one of a race of people with origins on an unnamed island near North Africa (possibly near Djerba). Naturally, it is from a land highly populated by the honey-sweet Lotus. The Lotus-Eaters they make their one and only appearance in Greek mythology, within the poet Homer's famous epic poem, The Odyssey (the sequel to The Iliad). In the tale, a few of the hero Odysseus' men meet the Lotus-Eaters, on their...

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lotus-plant to eat. The effect of this food was such that those who partook of it lost all thoughts of home and wished to remain in that country. It was by main force that Ulysses dragged these men away, and he was even obliged to tie them under the benches of his ship. (Tennyson in the Lotus-eaters has charmingly

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Stopping on the island of the Lotus Eaters is nearly disastrous for Odysseus and his crew because Eating the Lotus Flower makes people forget all about going home When he first sees the Cyclops, Odysseus says he looks like someone who does not each "wheaten bread."

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"The Lotus-eaters" is all about a place. Sure, it deals with feelings and legends and wacky plants, but it spends a lot of time just describing the enchanted land of the Lotos-eaters.

Lair Of The Lotus Eaters

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Oct 30, 2014 · The lotos of eaters summary in Tamil/Alfred lord Tennyson is the author/ கிரேக்க கதைகள் - Duration: 6:04. Translating Channel English into Tamil 12,357 views 6:04

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The Odyssey The Lotus Eaters A. L. Tennyson Theme The Land of the Lotus Eaters is an adventure in Book 9 of the Odyssey which follows Odysseus and his men as they travel to the land and ingest the Lotus Flowers. The Lotus Eaters are very peaceful and tranquil because of the

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They touched on the lotus eaters home (which is an island in Homer's Odyssey but turned into a Las Vegas Casino here), introduced Medusa, Hydra and Hell Hounds and roped in a few of the other gods: Athena, Hermes, Hades, Aphrodite.

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Lair of the Lotus Eaters. Skylar Black *Lexi's POV* When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Grover and Percy sleeping in the car. -___- So I shoved Grover to the back and drove myself. When I looked at the map, the next destination was Lotus Hotel and Casino. Goat-boy's going to be pleased.

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a lazy person who lives a laid back, peaceful, and decadent lifestyle. They appear in the Odyessy.

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The Lotus Casino, lair of the Lotus Eaters. The Lightning Thief. They give Percy, Annabeth, and Grover magically unlimited credit cards and encourage them to stay at the Lotus Hotel and Casino. No lotus plants are seen, though Percy states that the hotel smelled like them before entering.

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The reader, too, is left with ambivalent feelings about the mariners’ argument for lassitude. Although the thought of life without toil is certainly tempting, it is also deeply unsettling.

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"The Lotos-Eaters" is a poem by Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson, published in Tennyson's 1832 poetry collection. It was inspired by his trip to Spain with his close friend Arthur Hallam, where they visited the Pyrenees mountains. The poem describes a group of mariners who, upon eating the lotos, are put into an altered state and isolated from the outside world. The title and concept derives from the lotus

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The Lotus Eaters Odysseus and his men land on the Island of the Lotus Eaters, where the men are persuaded to eat the lotus flowers, making them forget about the journey and want to stay. Where do Odysseus and his men go after encountering the lotus flowers? 4. The Cyclops

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 Lotus-eaters were people who feeds Odysseus' crew with lotus plants to stay with them forever. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were tranquilizing. The people who eat the lotus were unwilling to go back home and keep on eating lotus with the lotus eaters. Odysseus has six men due to the honey-filled fruit ...

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Ten days later, they land on the island of the Lotus Eaters. Odysseus explores the land with a scouting party. When he discovers that they lose their memory and all their will to go home after eating the lotus flower, he forces them all back to the ship as fast as he can and sails away. They next arrive at the land of the Cyclopes, giants with ...

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Nine days later, he reaches the land of the Lotus-eaters. (Homeric geography is suspect, but some scholars place this at or near Libya.) Students familiar with some of the legends of The Odyssey but new to the epic itself might be surprised to see that the section on the Lotus-eaters is only about twenty-five lines long (9.92-107).